Steinhardt Philippines - Financial Services, Education and Consultancy

Steinhardt Australia has been operating profitably since 11 July 1991.  That’s 26 years of getting it right for clients.  From high-tech to no-tech and everything in between, we’ve always been beside our business clients and their workers showing them the “how to” of business.  Getting things done, giving them the skills they need to do it themselves and delivering outstanding results for everyone.

And with our Philippine operations having now been established we can deliver those same outstanding results for you too.

Our Products and Services

Financial Services

Your numbers need to be correct and your admin team needs to work efficiently.  We can install computer software in your business and even do some of the accounting (if that helps).

Education & Training

Our Academy allows you to improve your skills in either accounting, business or computers.  We teach the current ways and the latest trends for you to use every day in all you do.


We’ve been helping business-owners for more than 26 years and if you have a business need we can help you too.  From software to skills to contacts we can get most things done for you.


While our BPO in Pampanga assists clients around the world we also have satellite offices in Manila, San Fernando, Dumaguete and Quezon City.  We can certainly help you too.

“Our Mission is to provide the Philippines with the absolute best in international products and services.  We’re big enough to be international but local enough to truly care.  From Government employees to Co-op’s to Condos, every single client deserves the very best from us in all that we do.”

Robert Steinhardt – CEO

Let STEINHARDT help you

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